Finding a Voice

Seeing people singing with others will get me every time. Especially if those people are giving it everything they’ve got, eyes forward, chin up, chests out and demanding to be heard. I found my own voice through singing with others. I wasn’t bullied as a teenager, but I did get the piss ripped out of […]


Culture of Inequality

Cultural Adviser Tom Campbell and Guardian writer Homa Khaleeli published a piece in the Guardian a couple of weeks ago asking questions around exploitation, under-representation in the cultural sector. The piece touched on a number of issues that I’m often on my mind: the changing nature of internships, how dependent arts marketers are on programming […]

David Cameron’s role in the Scottish Independence Debate

When are Better Together going to start telling us what the consequences of a ‘no’ vote will be? The news this morning is that Prime Minister David Cameron is declining to take part in a televised debate with First Minister Alex Salmond. Instead, Salmond should be debating with Alistair Darling, chair of the Better Together […]


I’m very pro-Christmas. It’s a week until Christmas and I’m using up one of my days of annual leave sitting on a coach on my way to sing in a concert in Aberdeen because I think it’s a nice thing to share with others. I’ve been making and ordering presents since the end of October. […]

ENO Undress

ENO have launched a big sparkly audience engagement campaign today titled: ENO Undress As well as a good value ticket (good thing), information about the opera available before the event (good thing) and the production in a pre-performance event (good thing), they’re going in pretty heavy with how laid back and relaxed Undress events will […]

Tristan and Isolde

Last week I went to the BBC SSO’s performance of Act 1 of Tristan and Isolde which was really astonishing. I’ve always had reservations about attending a concert performance of opera and always feel like I’m missing some of the key parts of what’s going on. Not here. Perhaps because pretty much all of the […]