David Cameron’s role in the Scottish Independence Debate

When are Better Together going to start telling us what the consequences of a ‘no’ vote will be? The news this morning is that Prime Minister David Cameron is declining to take part in a televised debate with First Minister Alex Salmond. Instead, Salmond should be debating with Alistair Darling, chair of the Better Together […]


I’m very pro-Christmas. It’s a week until Christmas and I’m using up one of my days of annual leave sitting on a coach on my way to sing in a concert in Aberdeen because I think it’s a nice thing to share with others. I’ve been making and ordering presents since the end of October. […]

ENO Undress

ENO have launched a big sparkly audience engagement campaign today titled: ENO Undress As well as a good value ticket (good thing), information about the opera available before the event (good thing) and the production in a pre-performance event (good thing), they’re going in pretty heavy with how laid back and relaxed Undress events will […]

Tristan and Isolde

Last week I went to the BBC SSO’s performance of Act 1 of Tristan and Isolde which was really astonishing. I’ve always had reservations about attending a concert performance of opera and always feel like I’m missing some of the key parts of what’s going on. Not here. Perhaps because pretty much all of the […]

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

From Nationaltheatre.org.uk I ate breakfast for the first time in ages this morning after watching NTLive’s Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and remembered that it’s a great thinking time if done properly, like with proper teapots and everything. I only really warmed to Christopher during his maths problem-solving after the curtain call […]