About me

Keren Nicol

Keren Nicol

I am a music graduate living in Scotland who loves telling people how great things are and why they should think about doing / seeing / playing with / buying / going to / sharing that thing.

My best experiences have come from doing and learning, not witnessing or watching. The more opportunities we can identify for people to imprint their own experiences and ideas onto art the better. If we can get people to bump into each other while doing so, all the better.

I am currently working at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, an amazing place that works hard to reach its local community and takes its history both as an important producing house of quality drama, and as a piece of Glasgow’s social history seriously. Having spent my academic life and the majority of my career to date in classical music, I am loving learning about the wonderful world of theatre alongside our audience.

You can find me on twitter at twitter.com/kerennicol (not always theatre-related) or email me at kerennicol@gmail.com

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